Friday, April 30, 2010

Peer Response to Daniel's Post on Drinking Age

In Daniel Lester's blog, he talks about the debated topic of the drinking age in Australia. Many people believe that the drinking age should be raised from 18-21 in Australia in order to help limit alcohol abuse and drinking related problems in Australia.

Daniel uses to two different articles to represent both sides of this argument. In his first article, the author is in favor or raising the drinking age. Daniel discusses how the author thinks that the government should raise the price of alcohol as well as the legal drinking age in order to stop violence due to alcohol.

In the next article that he used, the author was opposed raising the drinking age. The author claims that the drinking age should remain at 18 and he uses ethical evidence to back up this claim. One main argument that is used is that if one can serve and fight for their country in the armed forces, then they should be able to drink alcohol if they want to.

Daniel thinks that the first article, by Bibby, in favor of raising the drinking age was the most convincing. I agree with Daniel's opinion on the articles. Bibby's article used much better facts and research evidence than the second article by Terri. Terri uses an ethical appeal and not much evidence to back up his claims.

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