Monday, April 19, 2010

Peer Response: Darius' "fake" vs. "real" peaches

In Darius' blog, he talks about how when he was younger his mom used to bring home fresh peaches from the market. But, since he is now living on his own, he has switched to "fake," or canned peaches. He compares the two types of peaches to each other. Darius says that the canned peaches have a sweeter taste than the fresh peaches his mother brought home. He compares the scents of the two types and concludes that they smell very similar. Darius goes on to say that the canned peaches have a much slimier texture than the fuzzy skin of a fresh peach. The main difference between the two forms is that the canned peaches have much less nutritional value than a real, fresh peach. This means that real peaches are healthier for people. Darius believes that the canned peaches are more consistently sweeter than real peaches. This is due to the corn syrup and added sugars that also contribute the the canned peaches being less healthy than fresh ones.

I agree with Darius' comparisons to canned versus fresh peaches. Canned peaches are more convenient and easier to find than good, fresh peaches. But, like many other processed foods, they are not as healthy. Darius does an excellent job of explaining why he eats canned peaches more, and he does a great job comparing the two products as well. Darius linked to a cite that explains that canned fruits are not nearly as healthy as fresh fruits. This article further compares "real" and "fake" foods.

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