Friday, March 26, 2010

Self-Evaluation of Demo Speech

When I reviewed my Demonstration speech I found a number of things I did well, and many things that I need to work on. First, I felt that I did a good job of explaining the relevance of ironing a shirt. It is important for adults to dress nicely and look good for interviews etc.... Next, I did a good job of explaining the steps at the beginning of the speech. However, I did not go over the steps again at the end of the speech to wrap it up. That would have helped people remember the process.

The physical aspect of the presentation is also very important. Looking at the video, I could have had more energy and enthusiasm, even though I was ironing a shirt. That would help me deliver a better overall speech. As far as volume and visibilty go, I feel that I did a good job in that area. I spoke loudly and was visibile to everyone in the room. My eye contact at times was very good, but at other time when i was demonstrating, I kept my head down for long periods of time. That needs to be improved. My body language seemed to be good and confident. Lastly, I feel that I did a good job actually demonstrating the task to my audience. I walked through each step and showed how to do it.

I feel that my visual aid was my strength. I used an iron, ironing board, and a wrinkled shirt. This really helped me clearly demonstrate how to iron a shirt. I was able to perform the task while people watched me. This really helped me keep their attention. It was a very effective use of a visual aid.

All in all, I feel that I chose a good topic to demonstrate. I would make changes in my speech, but not major changes to the structure or delivery. I would just improve my speaking and presenting skills.

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