Sunday, March 7, 2010

Response to Pat's Real vs. Fake Food

In Pat's post , he compares good, homemade beef jerky with the stuff that he now has to settle for at Carson's. First of all, I definitely agree with him on his opinion of beef jerky. It is a simple food that can serve many purposes. It is healthy, convenient, readily available, and very tast. My mom and I used to make it when i was younger and it was delicious. Recently, I was ice fishing in Madison and my friend's dad had picked up 2 pounds of fresh, real beef jerky from a butcher in Chicago. The stuff that is found in the stores around here does not even compare.

However, beef jerky is not the only food that can be made in a fake version. Unfortunately, almost any type of food these days can be made in a cheaper, more convenient processed version. This can be a good thing, but it can also be bad for our society. Processed foods are stripped of their nutrients and other nutritional value. Hopefully, this trend in American eating will start to change back to real, nutritious food. And, hopefully Pat will be able to find his source of good, cheap, and real beef jerky.

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